Thursday, September 27, 2018

Denver 2018

We got back from Denver two weeks ago and we've been going 100 mph since. Sometimes I think a vacation to recover from vacation would be nice. I thought I'd share about our vacation here. I shared on Instagram a lot of our trip already. Grab a cup of coffee, because there is a lot of pictures to share!

Travis and I love Denver. We try and make the trip once a year. We like to go early enough in the football season to watch the Rockies play also. The last two years, the Rockies are still playing with a chance to make play-offs. That makes the games more exciting.

There are a lot of selfies in this post. Sorry!!

We were up early and at the airport to fly from Boise to Denver.

We got to our hotel, dropped off our bags and headed to the Rockies stadium.
Travis found a new friend Dinger! 

From there, we headed to the Bronco's stadium. We like to grab all of our merchandise before the games so we don't have to worry about taking anything to the games with us.

Meanwhile, back at Nana and Papa's house, the boys were having a picnic!

And Peyton got new shoes that he was so proud of. But, I can't get over the cute smile!

We decided to try and brewery right across form our hotel for lunch and I ordered the BEST nachos!! 

The first night of vacation we went to the Rockies game. They played the LA Dodgers. We decided to sit on the third base line so we could watch Nolan Arenado play....he was injured and didn't play! They were still great seats and it was fun to sit on the third base side for a change.
Also, the Rockies WON!

I love vacationing with this man. :)

Sunday morning I got up early and met a friend of mine for coffee. We went to Boise State together and she is such an amazing person! She lives in Denver with her husband and seeing her was a highlight from my trip!

All day Sunday was spent at the Bronco Stadium. Dressed and ready to head to the game!

We always go early enough to watch warm-ups.

We made it to our seats and look who was in front of us on the sideline, John Elway.


There is nothing like being this close to the action. I wasn't a huge fan of football until Travis brought me to a game, now I can't imagine not coming.

It's always more fun when they WIN!

Leaving the stadium is always a slow process....

We finally made it back to the hotel and got to see our favorite boys.

On Monday, we drove out to see Red Rock Amphitheater. It is so beautiful. We decided we want to go back and see a concert there. 

Then, we headed to Golden. We had a VIP, private tour of the Coors Brewery. It was fun to check out how the beer is made and see the process. The samples weren't bad either.

Back in time for another baseball game! Also, we enjoyed some apple pie nachos!!! If you ever go to Coors Stadium and don't try them, you're missing out!

We sat on the first base line on this night.

And...another WIN!

Per recommendation, we ate at Snooze on Tuesday morning. It is located in Union Station. It was really good. However, I was disappointed that we didn't go Monday morning. Charlie Blackmon had breakfast there on Monday...

Inside Union Station is beautiful! I love just walking through it.

From there, we headed to the Denver Zoo.
I'd only been to the Boise zoo so it was a treat seeing all the animals.

It was the tiger's 8th birthday so she was eating a birthday cake made out of different meat and fish.

We went back to Union Station to try the ice cream! It was so good!

We enjoyed it outside while watching Spiderman freak people out. 

We rented some scooters and went to a baseball museum. The museum had memorabilia from the original baseball stadiums. Below, Travis and I are sitting on an original bench from Wrigley Field.

Also, people on the streets of Denver amaze me. ;)

On Tuesday evening, we went early to watch batting practice and they didn't have it so we went to our seats early and happened to get Charlie Blackmon's autograph.

I love baseball games under the lights!

We may have been the last people out of the stadium on this night. We had the best time and it was sad knowing it will be at least another year before we are back. 

It was nice getting home to our kids but the time away together is so valuable to us.


Courtney Spencer said...

I do know your expecting but was curious if your ever going to blog again?

Jocelynn Webb said...

Hi Courtney! Yes, I just blogged about our baby surprise! I plan on getting back to normal with my blogging. Thank you so much for reading!