Thursday, November 15, 2018

Surprise! It's Baby Number 3!

We had quite the surprise in October when we discovered that I was pregnant with baby number 3! After a very busy and stressful September, I just wasn't feeling great. I'd been tired and emotional. After realizing that I was in fact pregnant and I was going to need to inform my husband, I went to the store to buy the test. I left empty handed. Maybe if I didn't take the test, it wouldn't be true! Haha, so I returned back to the store later that afternoon. When Travis got home from work, he knew something was up and I could barely tell him through all the tears that I thought I was pregnant. I took the test and BAM! PREGNANT! 

He was so excited and I was just emotional. After talking it out, I joined the excitement. We quickly shared our news with practically everyone. Although this was in no way planned, we couldn't be more excited!

A few things about the first 11 weeks...

I thought I was only 8 weeks, until going to the doctor and having the first ultrasound.... I'm 11 weeks. Which means I'm almost through the first trimester!!!!

I have zero energy. ZERO. 

Nothing sounds good to eat. Making dinner is the hardest task right now. I don't want to eat anything and I know I'm just going to get sick. So, what's the point?? Oh yeah, the rest of  my family want to eat. 

I'm used to nausea but it never goes away. I have a prescription to help and most days it keeps me from actually getting sick but the nausea never goes away. Night time is the worst.

I haven't drank coffee in a month. I can't stand it. 

We won't find out the gender until my 21 week appointment.

I without a doubt think we're having another boy. Colson wants another brother. Everyone else is holding out for a girl. A girl would be fun, but I love being a boy mom.

We have a few names we really like, but nothing set in stone. Names are hard.

I'm due in June, however, we already have a cesarean scheduled for May. I had a cesarean with Peyton and zero complaints. I know a lot of people think it's crazy to schedule a cesarean when I have the option to have a natural birth. All I have to say to that is "You do you!" 

I'm still in normal clothes but try and wear loose fitting tops and dresses so not show off the "is she pregnant or did she eat too much stomach" 

When we told Colson that I had a baby in my tummy, he asked if we would take him to the doctor appointment with us so he could hear the heart.  Peyton is constantly kissing my tummy and points to the ultrasound picture and says baby. I think they are going to be amazing big brothers to this little peanut.

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