Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Weekend Recap: On a Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm a day late for my weekend recap but I needed yesterday to focus on school and family. This weekend was busy but I didn't get things checked off my list so yesterday I spent all day doing those things. We had a very productive weekend, outside!

We started Saturday morning watching the Royal wedding! Travis turned it on and then went outside. He couldn't believe there was a three hour pre-wedding! Peyton and I enjoyed watching some of it, I have yet to finish it.

We went outside to help Dad and Peyton loved having the trampoline all to himself!

He was very interested in what Travis was doing....

Travis used his new lawn mower for the first time! He wasn't excited at all....

Peyton is teething and life stinks for everyone living in our house right now. He was only happy outside on Saturday so I spent a lot of time in the rocking chair drinking sweet tea. I was happy too!

Peyton followed his Dad around most of the day.

Meanwhile...this boy was having the best time at GG and Papa Les's cabin.

I was up for most of the night with this boy who was so uncomfortable with teething.

So instead of getting up for church, I watched it while doing laundry. 

Colson made it home and he helped Travis put together the final piece of equipment for the play area.

it might take awhile.... but he made a lot of progress!

Peyton is obsessed with the lawn mower and I continue to catch him on it whenever he goes in the garage. Like father like son...

Although we spent 90% of our weekend outside, it was a fun weekend with the boys and Travis got so much done. It will be nice when our weekends consist of playing on all of the things he's worked so hard to put together! 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! 

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