Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!! We've made it to the weekend! Is it just me, or has this been the longest week. May is crazy busy and it only gets crazier the closer we get to the end. But, the end is near! 

I'm linking up with some of my favorite bloggers to share my favorite and not so favorite moments from the week!

Colson is required to make his bed every morning and he's gotten really good at it. On Monday morning, he was so proud of himself for how good it looked. My FAVORITE part, he learned how to fold his blanket at the end of the bed and he was most proud of that!

My least FAVORITE moment of the week is this poor boy and the teeth he's getting. He's miserable which makes getting anything done impossible. Housework, not going to happen. Laundry, only when he's sleeping. Homework, forget about it.

Our family loves baseball and watching Colson play is our FAVORITE! Check out that ready position. 

I also love watching Travis coach his son. These little talks at first base are my FAVORITE to witness. These moments always bring tears to my eyes because Colson couldn't have a better Dad.

Okay, last baseball related FAVORITE....coming into home plate! I mean!!! Check out the excitement. The leap into the air!

Made it! Safe!!!

Speaking of playing baseball, we were watching the Rockies and Colson fell asleep. We've been letting him stay up a little later but this night, he was too tired. Snuggling up  watching baseball with him was a FAVORITE from the week.

Travis is working hard to assemble a play set for the boys and Peyton's FAVORITE thing to do is help his Dad. He loves being out with him and handing him every random thing that Travis doesn't need.
It's the cutest thing to watch!

Doctor visits are far from my FAVORITE but this cutie was loving the sucker that Liza gave him. We went to check on his ears, but they looked good. 

Colson made a fuel truck for his Dad and it's my FAVORITE art from the week.

We've been spending so much time outside lately. It makes it hard to get anything done but the boys love it! Seeing them run around and play is my FAVORITE so if that means we're outside, that's where you'll find us all summer long.

Thanks to Grandma Kay, the boys had red noses yesterday. Peyton wouldn't leave it on his nose, but this picture is one of my FAVORITE pictures from the week. 

We're looking forward to a low-key weekend at home. We have a few celebrations to attend but we'll mostly be enjoying a three day weekend with our little family!

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