Monday, April 30, 2018

Weekend Recap: Just What We Needed Edition

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. Our weekend was very unproductive and I'm totally okay with it. I plan on making up for it today. 

Travis left early Friday morning for a fishing trip so Peyton got in some extra "Dad time" on Thursday night. 

Friday morning the weather was so nice and we had all the window open! Peyton stood in front of the windows all morning. He loved having them open! 

Before it got too warm, the boys and I headed to the island so Colson could ride his bike. 

Peyton drove his car around and both boys loved it!

 Since Colson learned to ride his bike without training wheels, he's been glued to his bike. It got really warm out so he was riding around shirtless and I can't help but get a little sad with how big he looks. He thinks he's really cool right now too!

We had a visitor and Colson was in love! One of my friends is pregnant so we had a meeting to plan her baby shower. So many babies!

Peyton is obsessed with our neighbor goats. He loves feeding them.

 When Dad's out of town, we go on late night ice cream runs! 

Saturday morning we all woke up missing Dad! 

But, nothing shopping won't fix! The boys were great and we stopped by some of our favorite stores!

Along with our coffee fuel!

Peyton loved the dog at Old Navy!!

Colson worked on something special for his teachers.

You guys....I'm not kidding about the goats! Anytime Peyton is outside he runs over to the fence. The goats come shortly after! It really is cute to watch.

Saturday night we went to the Taco Wagon with Grandma Jo!

And driving home we saw this in the park!

Anytime I'm doing laundry, this boy loves to help. He pulls himself up so he can hand me clothes to fold. You can't tell in this picture but his feet aren't touching the ground!

 DAD'S HOME!!! All three of us were so excited to see him!

Sunday morning came way too quickly. This boy really wanted his blanket and climbed up on his crib in an attempt to get it. It's only a matter of time....

Off to church with two cranky boys.

 We spent the rest of the weekend doing nothing. It was just what we needed!

Sometimes we need a weekend with nothing to do and a full to-do list on Sunday night. Today, however, I'm going to crush that to-do list! Or at least that's what I'm telling myself!

I hope y'all have the best week!

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