Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! This week went by so quickly. We didn't have a lot on our agenda and yet, we stayed busy every single day! I have a lot of favorites for you this week.

We picked up some tulips this week and watching the boys plant them was my FAVORITE. 

Travis planted a few more plants as well and Peyton's FAVORITE is to be outside so being inside was not making him happy! He stood at the door and protested the entire time Travis was out there.

Peyton's FAVORITE was to eat an Oreo is like everyone else's. He pulls them apart and licks the frosting. I was laughing so hard watching him the other day. One smart cookie.

 We went to a friend's house on Monday and this toy was Peyton's FAVORITE he played with it for the majority of the time. I love that he is at a stage where he can independent play for small time periods. Being able to go through and close the door was the best!

Colson takes after his mom...we like pictures. However, they aren't Travis's FAVORITE. Colson asked me to take their picture the other day and this is a perfect explanation of how they each felt about the situation. 

We went to D & B to pick up tulips and they had baby chicks. The boys loved them! It was their FAVORITE part about flower shopping.  

I recently took a trip to Trader Joe's and picked up this guacamole. It is soooo good! My new FAVORITE snack. I was skeptical be it's made with yogurt but it's amazing!

This sweet boy is way too big but watching his personality blossom has been my FAVORITE. He is very independent and wants to do everything that Colson is doing. 

Spending as much time as possible outside has been our FAVORITE! We've been going to the park and I can't wait to set up the playground we bought for the boys. 

We're loving this nice weather!!!

You know it was a good day when your feet are this dirty! 

I pre-ordered the Magnolia Table cookbook and it's amazing! I know I'm going to find some new FAVORITE recipes. Anything that involves Chip and Jo are my FAVORITE!

Colson went to my parent's house earlier this week and they made a scooter. I laughed but it's very creative. Colson was really proud of it and seeing that is my FAVORITE!

 Making his Dad proud! Peyton has a gas pump and it's one of his FAVORITE outside toys. He was going around filling everything up the other day. It's in his blood, people!

My very FAVORITE place to sit is on the front porch in the rocking chairs. They were the best purchase!! I wasn't sure we would actually use them, but I sit in them at least once a day while the boys are playing. It helps when I have my FAVORITE Starbucks drink in my hand!

Austin came over one morning and he quickly became Peyton's FAVORITE. He never left his side and loved when Austin sat down with him! I'll say the feeling was mutual...they kinda like each other.

My most FAVORITE thing from the week.....
Colson is riding his bike with no training wheels!!! He's been asking to learn but hasn't grasped the concept. On Wednesday night we were outside and he was riding his bike with training wheels when he wanted to give it another try. Well, he just took off! I couldn't believe it. He rode all over around the house and I've had to peel him off of his bike to go to bed! He loves it!

Papa Warren is another FAVORITE around here. The boys both adore him. Colson talks to his friends and refers to him as, "my friend, Papa Warren". I mean, melt me! I snaps this picture as he was leaving the other night. They boys were literally fighting over who was going to get in the last hug.

Couples golf is back and that makes Thursday nights my FAVORITE night of the week! I love spending time with this man, and he loves to golf so we both win!

I hope you all have a great weekend! We don't have any plans and I'm looking forward to it!

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