Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Life Lately

I'm headed to kindergarten with Colson on a field trip today. He's mostly excited to ride the bus.
It's been awhile since I shared a random assortment of our life, so I thought I'd catch up!
Austin came over to play and these two had so much fun!

Grandma Jo took the boys one evening and Travis taught me how to play cribbage. A fun date night in.

Wild Willy's now has these cute little ice cream sundaes. It's so good!

Colson has been obsessed with the calculator lately. I pray that both of my boys are good at math. #imnot #theirdadisagenius

God is so amazing! This sunset was unreal.

The boys love to ride their 4wheelers. Peyton thinks he is so cool!

Pizza Fridays and a movie have become our FAVORITE thing at our house! I look forward to Fridays just so I don't have to cook. A relaxing night at home is perfect!

Colson got a new coat and he loves being a worker!

I can never have too many dates with this man!

I mentioned that we got some rocking chairs for our front porch and Colson helped Travis put them together. I love that Travis takes the time to teach Colson how to do things.

The boys love their dad! They are constantly hanging on him. It's a good problem to have.

I mean, look at that smile!

I'm so thankful the weather is nice enough to hang out outside! Peyton loves this little car and spends most of the time pushing it around.

Last week was spring break and Grandma Jo and I took the boys to the zoo. We rode our bikes about 12 miles round trip.
Peyton insisted on walking. It took us awhile to make it through the zoo.
Love these two!

The sloth was sleeping right by the window so the boys could really see him.

Both of the boys loved seeing all of the animals!
Colson is in book club at Preschool and April's book was about snakes. When he saw this snake at the zoo, he wanted it so bad! He insisted that I took a picture to show Mrs. Brown!
Well, that's life lately around here! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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