Monday, April 2, 2018

Weekend Recap: Easter Edition

Happy Monday, friends! We had a fun weekend with our families. Monday came too quickly. My house is a mess, our laundry is out of control, and I just want one more day of weekend!
On Friday, my entire house looked like this! Hallie came over to play and the three of them had so much fun that I just let them play.
Sweet cousins.
I had so much fun baking last week. Now, to get rid of all the leftovers so we don't eat them!
We recently bought rocking chairs for the front porch. We weren't sure if they would be used, but we've used them a lot in just the first week of having them. We had a couch out here before and never sat on it! Peyton loves to be rocked on the front porch!
A big boy at the table!
We waited until late on Saturday night to color eggs. Colson loved it! I wasn't about to tempt it with Peyton so he went to bed and then we colored them.
I wasn't about to get a good picture with the boys and their baskets, so this is it! We did baskets before we headed to church!
Easter service is my favorite. These boys joined me to celebrate our Risen Savior!
We came home to have brunch with my family and then hunt eggs.
But jumping on the trampoline was way more fun for the babies.
Colson is an excellent hunter.
And a pretty cool dude if I say so myself....
Colson and Nana, hunting for eggs.
Peyton loves being rocked, especially from Papa.
I love this family of mine!
Colson insisted on taking a picture of everyone to send to GG. I'm impressed with his picture taking skills. 
We took naps and then headed to Grandma Jo and Papa Kim's.  
The boys hunted for eggs, first thing.
The "Easter Bunny" aka, Papa Kim, loves hiding eggs! Each kid had a section but Peyton kept finding Colson's eggs.
It was such a fun weekend! I just changed our calendar to April, and it's looking like a busy month! I'm headed back to school, we're registering Colson for KINDERGARTEN, golf is starting back up, and Colson starts T-Ball! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

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