Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends! We ended up having a really busy weekend but all of the pictures prove that it was a good one!
Friday morning started with getting pictures of these cuties! Our sitter was sick so a friend watched the kids. They had the best day.

I spent my Friday with 8th graders and had a good day also. The coffee helped!
As soon as I picked up the boys we headed to Dad's work!

Colson can talk Aunt Kristi into just about anything. Today, they looked up pictures of the ocean.
Between Dad's work and home...this one fell asleep. #lessthanaminute So, we went to down and finished up some errands.

We've started pizza Fridays and I think they are going to stick around! This boy loves pizza.
We played some board games with Colson!
The boys when to Nana and Papa's for a sleepover.

Saturday morning I got up bright and early to join these ladies on a run!
My mom watched my boys and I was able to enjoy Starbucks while finishing up the boy's Easter baskets! It's such a good feeling to have everything done and ready to go!

The weather has been so nice! Sandals and a spring outfit!

Colson promised me he wasn't tired. I drove around until he fell asleep because sometimes that's easier than fighting him. It didn't take long and he got a nice nap in!

As soon as both boys were up we headed outside.

Jumping on the trampoline and watching all of Colson's tricks! I love these boys!

We have the best neighbors. We walked over to get some eggs and they let Colson in with all the animals. He wants a pet so bad, I'm hoping living next to the "farm" will hold him over.

They have a pig, goats, chickens, and dogs.

If I ever can't find Colson, this will be the first place I'll look!

My parents invited us to dinner. Travis was still out of town snowmobiling so we joined them!

And then Papa and Colson went to the movies while Peyton and I enjoyed snuggling up with his lion.

Sunday morning we made it early to church! I have no idea how it happened! We can't even make it on time without loosing an hour!

The rest of Sunday, the only time I saw Colson was for lunch and dinner. He spent the entire day outside with Travis. They picked up all the rocks in the yard and played.


He knows he shouldn't be up there but he's so proud!

Washing off the dirt from the weekend!
We had such a great weekend and I'm looking forward to the nice weather this week!

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