Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favorites

one. grocery pick-up
My love for grocery pickup runs deep. I meal planned and ordered my groceries on Sunday. On Monday, I picked them up! It saves me so much money because I'm not wondering the isles putting things into my cart that I don't need. I also don't have to tell Colson "no" 1204945083745 times. Honestly, grocery pick-up might be the greatest thing for moms since throw away diapers.

Both of the boys were uninterrupted and they both fell asleep minutes after pulling out of the parking lot!

two. play dates

Colson had a friend from school come over to play this week. They had a great time and I loved watching friendships develop. It was Paw Patrol everything!

 three. Savvy Minerals.

I decided to try Young Living's mineral makeup line back in November. I'm not a fan of powder foundation but fell in love with this one. I couldn't believe how amazing my face felt and how it cleared up. I am prone to acne and my face was clear. I ran out {I'm not sure why I let that happen} and went back to the drugstore product I was using. My face already has breakouts. If you're looking for a natural makeup, Savvy Minerals is amazing! They have an entire line of makeup, it doesn't stop at just foundation!

four. funny bunny

After Erika shared this nail color last week, I bought myself a bottle and love it! It's a fun white for spring and the name alone yells spring! If you like white, this is a fun one! I picked it up in the gel because I give myself gel manicures but I linked the regular nail polish.

five. Snuggles

When this cutie wakes up he needs a few minutes of snuggles with his binky and blanket. Once he wakes up he goes non stop so I’ll take the few minutes of snuggles!

And this boy LOVES to snggle. After a busy day yesterday he asked me to watch a movie with him and was asleep in minutes! I wish I could keep them little forever but I’m so grateful I get to watch them grow!

I don’t know about you, but I’m so glad it’s Friday!
Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!

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