Thursday, March 8, 2018

Life Lately

It's life lately.
Here's a look into what we've been up to around here...
We decorated for Spring this week! I love how our house looks with all the spring colors!

And I got excited so I cleaned out the hall closet. There is something about spring that makes me want to clean and organize my entire house!

The boys and I went to Boise this week and it's been awhile since I've been to Target. The best news ever...they built a drive-thru Starbucks! It was heavenly!

Meanwhile...Peyton needed some Starbucks! He rode around in the shopping cart like this until he woke up. Silly boy! I believe the Lord blessed me with boys so that it will save us a lot of money shopping. Boys don't love shopping with their mama like a girl would! :)

This silly boy was wild the other day. He loves sitting under the desk while I blog or study. He talks and squeals. It's the cutest!

Preschool pickup might be my favorite part of the day! I love having both of these boys with me!
Nobody wakes up happy! Peyton needs a few minutes of binky and blanket before he can smile.

I love playing board games with Colson.

It's so awesome to watch him grow and develop the knowledge to play board games. It's the little things that I thank God for every single day.
Peyton loves to read books. I gathered up some spring/ St. Patrick's Day/ Easter books and we've been reading them at night.

And Peyton decided he wasn't ready for bed yet! He's not been sleeping this week. So we snuggled up while finishing....
The Bachelor! The finale was crazy!

Wednesday lunch with Papa Kim! Horse rides and tag. My boys are blessed.

Last night I winded down with wine and a manicure!
I'm so ready for the weekend!!!
Okay...that's a little bit of life lately. See you tomorrow!

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