Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Easter Outfits

Today I'm sharing my favorite Easter outfit finds for the family. Coordinating outfits is so hard for me. Every time we take family pictures, I cringe thinking about putting together outfits.
Since Easter is only a couple weeks away, I don't see us wearing shorts but with Idaho weather, you never know! I love the simple and classic look of navy and white. Other than the shorts I have picked out for Peyton, these are all pieces that we could easily wear again and again.
When I saw the bunny shorts for Peyton, I knew they were perfect! Since they are on sale {!!!} and he outgrows clothes so quickly anyways, I think they are perfect for Easter and he can wear them into spring. The navy, light blue, and white help to tie everyone's outfits together.
I like the idea of pairing it with a basic white top.
Both of my boys have worn these sandals in the past and they are great. Peyton can get great wear out of them all summer long. Bonus, they are only $10!
I love this dress. I think it is perfect for church. I could wear it with a cardigan and some nude heals. I think this would be a dress I could easily wear again but it's very classic. It comes in some other colors also. I love the emerald green!
Colson's top has the navy, light blue, and white also. Paired with the navy shorts, it looks really sharp! I must say that when looking for outfits for Colson, it was sad shopping in the boy's section.
I love this look paired with boat shoes!
A simple shirt for Travis that ties into the light blue and navy. He would pair it with jeans and be set.
These would also be great for some spring family pictures! We took family pictures in the spring and fall last year. I love them both, but we are holding out for fall pictures. I love having them done just in time to send out our Christmas cards!

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