Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What's Up Wednesday {2.28.18}

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today I'm linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for What's Up Wednesday...
Besides the fact that we've had steak and hamburgers on repeat this week....I made apple pie nachos!
Travis and I had them when we went to see the Rockies play and since baseball made a comeback this week, I decided to give these a try. They were easy to make and I'll share the recipe next week!

I love all the memories on my TimeHop and this memory seems like forever ago! We listed our house two years ago this week. The building process started and now we are in our home!
Also, this memory is one of my favorites!!! Colson has always been a snuggler. I miss that sweet little boy but I also really love watching him grow.


Colson's school is learning a lot about ocean animals and they ended it last week at the aquarium. I'm loving all the projects he brings home. He has learned so much and asked to turn his room into an ocean. I love watching him learn be excited about learning.

Colson went on his field trip to the aquarium last week and had the best time. Both of the boys loved all the fish and being able to put their hands in the water. Colson's favorite part was petting and feeding the lizard.
Papa Kim and Grandma Jo came over and Peyton is obsessed with Papa Kim's glasses. He figured out how to put them on and was so proud of himself!

And, Peyton got his first "official" haircut yesterday! He did a great job for Tawnya and now looks so big. I miss the curls and never planned to cut them off. However, Colson gave him a haircut several weeks ago and it was time.


Cold weather and rain. I'm so ready for spring!

Decorating for Spring/ Easter! This is from last year. I haven't pulled down my box of stuff yet but it's on my to do list for this week!
This was my chalkboard last year. I thought I would do my chalkboard one afternoon last week and then Colson really wanted to help so.....I think I might start over. Or I might leave it because I love that he wants to help me and he really does have a talent!


I'm going to say Spring Break!!!! We don't have anything on our calendars for the near future other than that! Hopefully the weather is nice and we can go ride the greenbelt with Grandma Jo one afternoon. I love that she is a teacher so we can do fun things with her when she has breaks!

We watched the Olympics and I'm sad they are over! However, I'm excited for This Is Us and Grey's Anatomy to come back. Last night's episode of This Is Us didn't record and Travis wasn't happy about it all! Hopefully, we can find it to watch tonight!
The Bachelor! Anyone else? I'm not a huge fan of Arie, but I still can't stop watching. I'm looking forward to next Monday to see how it ends in the most dramatic season ever!


After Andrea's recommendation for downloading this station, I did. Colson loves it! He can easily sing along to the songs and Peyton bounces along to them also.

I've been wearing these Steve Madden shoes a lot lately and I always get questions about them. I love them for slipping on and they are so easy to keep clean!

Absolutely nothing! We have no plans on the calendar and I'm sure my husband is VERY THANKFUL! Last weekend was full and he loves nothing more than to relax and do nothing on the weekends. I wouldn't mind a date night but I might just give my husband his perfect weekend!

Spring Break! T-ball registration is next month also! I can't wait to watch Colson play some baseball!

Not a lot. Peyton is getting some more teeth and his mouth looks so painful. I hate that babies have to go through that! I'm praying they break through quickly!
I hope you have an awesome Wednesday! I'll be back tomorrow to share a favorite festive recipe that you can make for any holiday!


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