Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Making: Things for Peyton's first birthday party. I honestly can't believe he will be one next week! This past year went so quickly. I can't wait to see how his party turns out. I love watching my visions come to life. And, I'm very grateful that my husband just goes with the flow. Just for fun, this is a picture from Colson's first birthday party.
Cooking: Nothing! Tomorrow is Travis's birthday. Every year he asks for his mom's finger steaks because they are amazing. So, tonight, we are headed to my in-laws to celebrate!
Drinking: So much tea. I'm loving tea right now. I'm also trying to drink more water. I promised a friend that I would make a conscious effort to drink more water! It helps me to add strawberries.
Eating: Peanut brittle! My grandma gave some to us for Christmas and I'm still eating on it.
Reading: Wonder. It is such a great book. I just started it and I'm having the hardest time putting it down. Instead of watching an episode of Friends every night, I've been reading. That's how much I'm loving it!
Wanting: To find the perfect pair of boots. I think I've found them but I can't get myself to spend the money on them. All of the reviews about these are amazing. I was hoping for them to go on sale around the holidays but they never did. I hope I can find a cheaper pair.
Looking: forward to all the birthday festivities! We will be celebrating on month long.
Playing: Board games with Colson. He got a new dinosaur game for Christmas so we played last night and we still love the old ones we have.
Wasting: We waste too much food around here. I'm going to blog more about this tomorrow, but I'm going to work on being more intentional with my food purchasing this year!
Buying: Birthday presents. Birthday presents. Birthday presents. With the boy's birthdays being three days apart...that's all I'm currently buying.
Wishing: I could turn back time. This time last year I was really pregnant. I miss it! Babies grow up way too fast. I feel like Colson was just turning one. Now, Peyton will be one and Colson will be FIVE! How is that even possible.
Loving: Being at home with the boys. I'm loving all the time I get to spend with them. I don't take it for granted. I'm going to try and soak up these days with them because before we know it, they will both be in school.
Hoping: Peyton's party goes smoothly. I have a vision in my head, but I'm hoping it all comes together just like I hope! I'm most excited about the cake. The boy loves food so I'm expecting a giant mess.
Needing: Some motivation to eat healthy and exercise. Seriously. I need some help.
Smelling: A candle that my niece and nephew bought me for Christmas. It smells like spring!
Wearing: Jeans, booties, and a chambray shirt. I'm channeling my inner Joanna Gains. ;)
Praying: That my boys grow up to love Jesus.
Noticing: Peyton is literally growing out of all of his clothes. The boy grows so fast. I went through his closet just before Christmas and couldn't believe how much didn't fit anymore.
Knowing: Someday I'll be missing the footprints down the freshly mopped hallway. I mopped the floors on Sunday and while they were still wet, Colson came running down the hall with his boots on. As much as I wanted to yell at him, I caught myself smiling and feeling so grateful for footprints.
Thinking: About how neither one of my boys will nap this afternoon. I would love to take a nap everyday. Someday, they will regret not taking naps! Ha
Opening: I'm about to go open the washing machine to change out some laundry. I will say that I love doing laundry. However, I'm not as good about keeping up on it as I used to be. I blame it on having kids. 
Laughing: At how much this boy loves food. I can't explain why I love watching him eat, but I always find myself laughing at him as he eats!
Feeling: Grateful. I'm so grateful for my family and friends. I just got the best text message this afternoon from a friend. I have two healthy boys. I have a husband that works so hard for us and he loves us really good. I'm going into 2018 with a very grateful heart.
That's what I'm currently up to! I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

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