Thursday, January 4, 2018

My word for 2018...

As I was thinking about my new year's resolutions, one word kept coming to mind in every area of my life. I wanted to make practical resolutions and ones that would have a big impact on my life.
This year I want to focus on being more intentional. This fits into every area of my life.
Time with my husband. Someday, after our kids are grown and out of the house, it's going to be the two of us. That might seem like so far away. But, I think it is easy to drift apart and not realize it. I want to be intentional with the time we have together. I want to put my phone away, and really be with him. I find myself on my phone way too much, especially in the evenings when it's our time together. He actually asked me this week if I would work on that this year. Hello!!! That was an eye opener. So, I'm really going to be intentional with my husband.
Time with my kids. Colson is already in Pre-K. Peyton turns one next week. They grow too quickly. I'm taking some time off from school and I'm going to work on being intentional with the kids. I want to help Colson prepare for kindergarten. I want to actually play with them. I want to do all the things I felt like I didn't have time to do with them while I was in school.
Housework. I want to be better about doing housework. I usually save it all up for one day. I want to be more intentional about doing a little everyday. This will make it so I'm not so stressed out about having people over if I haven't spent all day cleaning. It will also make it easier with the kids.
Cooking. I go to the grocery store, buy all the things, and then don't use them. I want to be more intentional about meal planning, and then cooking. I hate wasting food so I want to be better about that this year. Also, I'd love to cook healthy things for our family!
Finances. This is a big one! I want to be more intentional about where my money is going. Travis works really hard for us. I don't want to buy meaningless stuff. It is so easy to buy a coffee every time I run to town. But those add up. Running into the grocery store to grab a few things here and there add up really fast too. This year, I want to think about where my money is going before I spend it.
Friends. I want to love my girlfriends hard this year. I want to make it a priority to spend time with them, send texts to see how they are, and just be a good friend. I get so caught up in my little family that I forget how important those friendships are.
Quiet time. I love the time I spend in the Word. This year, I want to be intentional about having quiet times everyday. It is so easy to think I'm too busy. That is when I need it most.
I have written down some new year's resolutions as well. But really, they all come back to being intentional! I pray that this year I can grow in my relationship with Christ, my husband, friendships, and our sweet babies that will all too quickly be leaving for college.

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