Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Weekend Recap: Farewell 2017 Edition

Happy 2018! I feel like I spent the majority of my weekend at the grocery store. We had a very laid back weekend with the exception of kicking off the new year with friends!

Friday morning, the boys and I went to Target. It was crazy busy and the boys ate pizza to pass the time! Colson is too big to sit in the cart but that was the best solution.

I came home with a ton of groceries and we ate take out from our favorite Chinese restaurant. Zero complaints! I love The Chinese Café and after being in Boise all day, the last thing I wanted to do was cook. And yes, Travis was cleaning his guns...

Friday night was long! First I was up with Peyton who was teething for two hours and then Colson. I ended up sleeping on the couch with Colson so Travis wouldn't get woke up. Saturday night wasn't any better. Except, Travis was up and I was sleeping!

Saturday morning I want and picked up my groceries at 9, made a Target run for the things I forget to put on my grocery list, and drank Starbucks so I didn't fall asleep pushing the boys around.
We came home and everyone napped. Sleeping pictures of the boys never get old.

Colson is at a weird age. I think he can't do much to help out and then I give him the opportunity and he proves me wrong. Every time. He helped me make dinner and did a great job.
Sunday morning, I skipped church. I had every intention of going and then Travis let me sleep in. So Colson and I cleaned. Once again, I love having the help!

This cutie wasn't any help with laundry but he was cute, so I'll take the company!
I posted this on Instagram and I was only somewhat kidding. Everyone in our house was tired from this guy not sleeping! He's been doing better since Sunday.
Sunday night we had a few friends over and we had fondue. It was fun and casual. The boys loved the chocolate fountain and I was cleaning up chocolate from the counter and floors yesterday from them sneaking into the kitchen to try it.
We had way too much food but it was good company.

These two stayed up past midnight and had the best time! Colson begged me to buy party hats and they were a huge hit!
Thankful for these two ladies. I'm excited about what 2018 has in store for us.
Ringing in the new year with this man will always be my favorite!

I mean, how lucky am I!?
This boy loves a party!

2017, you were good to us!

Monday morning was slow. We stayed in bed until after 10. This boy can't quite the party life!

We seriously did nothing all day. My entire house stayed dirty until 2 pm. However, it was nice to love on my family and spend the day together doing nothing. I see a lot of that in our future!

I hope you all had a great New Year's!

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