Monday, November 27, 2017

Weekend // Christmas Fun

Although this weekend was warm and didn't require a coat 85% of the time, the Webb family got into the Christmas spirit! Christmas time with kids is so much better! Colson is at such a fun age, he was really into helping me decorate this year.
Friday morning I pulled out all of our Christmas decorations. Colson and I spent all day decorating. He loved putting up his tree and decorating it just how he wanted it.
Both boys "helped" decorate the tree in our bedroom.

And we ended the night with a sick boy! He hasn't been feeling well and I blame teething.

Friday night my parents came up for pizza and then stayed to play with the boys. I talked my mom into helping me with a few things too!

Travis saved the day by fixing the lights on our Christmas tree. They weren't working when I put it up! Slowly, he figured it out. I think it's time for a new tree!

I loved waking up Saturday morning to the lights of our tree!

The sweetest little boy, enjoying the magic of Christmas!

Colson went duck hunting with his Dad! He was so excited to go. From the minute he woke up, he was asking if I could take him. I'd say they had a fun time.

Austin came over in the afternoon to play. These three had a really fun time!

We dropped Peyton off with my parents and I took Colson and Austin to the movie. A reality company in our town, Evans Realty, sponsored a free movie. We watched The Polar Express. An added bonus, we sat by our cousins!!!
As soon as the movie ended, the lighted holiday parade made its way through downtown!

Sunday morning was slow. We played hooky from church and played around the Christmas tree.

Sunday evening, my Mom treated Colson and I to the Festival of Trees in Boise and then dinner.
The trees were beautiful!
It took some very creative minds to decorate them!

This one might have been my favorite! Wine anyone?!

They had a Lego display with some amazing creations.

I loved this winter village!

A gingerbread house of our Boise Train Depot.

And an area that kids could make their own creations. Colson would have stayed all night.

So proud of his house and skyscraper.

I loved the time with my big boy.

He is growing so quickly and I treasure the time we get to spend together.

Home just in time for some snuggles and bed!

I know it is still November, but the countdown to Christmas is ON!
Happy Monday!

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