Friday, December 1, 2017

December First

The official start of the Christmas season. If I had it my way, we would decorate for Christmas two weeks before Thanksgiving. If Travis could have it his way, we'd decorate no earlier than today. So I like to think that we compromised. So many fun things are in store for this month.
I've already had my radio turned to Christmas music but now I can blare it without my husband making me turn the station! Jingle bells will be stuck in our heads all month long.
Our house will be lit up with twinkle lights. I love mornings and evenings spent together with just the glow from all the twinkle lights. 
All the baking. I wish I could spend everyday in the kitchen making all the Christmas recipes that fill up my Pinterest board. I do plan on making at least one a week. It's no wonder the holiday weight comes this time of year. So many yummy things.
My favorite thing to do with Colson is bake. He loves to help and I really don't mind the disaster of a kitchen when he's in there. I plan on making some sugar cookies to deliver to our neighbors.
I love opening the mail this time of year. All the Christmas cards!! I think we are going to skip sending ours out this year. That makes two years in a row. I feel like I'm late to the party since I haven't ordered any yet.
Of course we will make a visit to see Santa! I love looking back at all the visits we've had. I can't wait to include Peyton in those photos. Colson told me last night he thinks Peyton would ask for another awesome brother if he could have anything. Then he informed me that Santa can't make one of those.
I love the holiday drinks at Starbucks. Although I'm trying my best to stay away from there...I'll indulge in a few before they are gone for another year. Major plus:: I have some gift cards from birthday so I can't indulge!
We borrowed some Christmas books from a friend and I'm anxious to read them to the boys. They are about Jesus, not about the gifts.
Of course we will watch Christmas movies through out the month. The Grinch is not on that list however, Colson isn't a fan. I hope that Home Alone makes the cut.

Happy December First!

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