Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Soup Sunday: Chicken Noodle

This past Sunday was the perfect weather for soup.
Since the Broncos played early, I had plenty of time to make chicken noodle. This recipe is easy once your noodles are done. You just throw everything into the pot and let it cook for a couple of hours. Since it's on the stove, a weekend is the best day to make it since you can't leave the house.
To make your noodles:
In a large bowl, mix together:
2 cups of flour
1 tablespoon of salt
1/2 cup of water
3 egg yolks, 1 whole egg
  • Mix it together with a wooden spoon.
  • Add in another 1/2 cup of flour and begin mixing with your hands.
  • Separate the dough into smaller portions to roll out on the counter.
  • Make sure you have a lot of flour on the counter, rolling pin, and your hands.
  • Cut the noodles into THIN strips.
  • Separate them out, laying them flat on parchment paper to dry.
  • I made my noodles around 11, and didn't toss them into my soup until around 5. I like to let my dry out for a long time but at least two hours is good. 
To make your soup:
  • In a large stockpot on the stove, bring 2 large boxes of chicken stock and 1 cup of water to a low boil.
  • Add in chopped carrots and celery (However much you want. I use about 2 carrots and 3 celery.) Bring that to a simmer.
  • Add in 1 large Rotisserie chicken (or 2 small ones) and salt and pepper to taste. Cook on the lowest setting for a few hours.
  • 30 minutes before serving, add you noodles
That's it! We like to eat our chicken noodle soup over mashed potatoes. This makes a lot of soup so I have leftovers for lunch all week! Enjoy!

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