Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Christmas Wishlist {Colson}

This year I hope to have my Christmas shopping done before December. That doesn't leave me very much time. Travis and I only have kids to buy for this year. That also includes two teenagers, which might be the hardest to buy for on our list. I thought I would share what is on the Christmas lists for those that we are buying for this holiday season.
Colson will be five in January and he loves to build things. Although, he still loves playing with cars and imaginary play. Colson has so many toys that I would love to see him get things that will encourage him to build and learn.
I love that this is a game that promotes learning. Colors, numbers, counting, sorting, and early math skills will be used while playing. This is great for individual play or with two people.
2 // Nerf Gun
Colson has been asking for a Nerf gun for awhile now. I think this particular one is too big but he wants a big one! He loves imaginary play so this is one of the toys that is one the list.
Colson has one set of these and loves them. He is always building with them. He is always needing more to make some creation. There are a lot of sets to choose from or just a basic set. I love the dinosaur set because he loves playing with dinosaurs, but there is also a set to build cars. Both are on his list!

We have so many Legos. Most of the Legos started out as a set and have all ended up in the Lego tub. This book looks great to help make new creations out of all the Legos we already have. Colson always wants to build things and this will be helpful!

Colson has been asking for a watch and while I was researching watches I came across this one. Although I love the idea of a smart watch, this is great because it helps them learn to tell time with an analog clock. It also wouldn't be the worst thing if it got lost. I'm not sure he will keep it on all the time and it has me hesitant to buy him a smart watch.
I spent some time reading about different smart watch options for kids. This is at the top of Colson's list. I like the idea of the VTech watch, however, I like what the Garmin has to offer at about the same price point.  Some of the features that I like: It's waterproof. This is a must for a five year old. It has an internal battery that lasts about a year so we don't have to worry about charging it. I can sync it to my phone and Travis's phone so we can monitor activity, steps, and sleep. I can turn on a timer so that in 30 minutes it will go off and Colson will know he needs to come and help with dishes or pick up his toys. You can have it shut off automatically and turn on again so I don't have to worry about him messing with it while he should be sleeping or paying attention at school.
Colson is really into TMNT right now. He's mentioned that he would like some action figures and always looks at them while we are strolling the toy isle at Target. These might be a good thing to stuff in his stocking.
8 // Qwirkle
I've been trying to encourage Colson to play more board games. The weather doesn't allow us to spend much time outside and I like to limit the amount of screen time Colson gets. He would sit and watch television all day if we let him. I love the Qwirkle is matching shapes and colors, both things that he is learning about at preschool.
Another board game. This game is also one that he will be practicing math skills such as counting, addition, and subtraction without even realizing it.
Some stocking stuffer ideas include: some glow sticks. He loves putting them into the bathtub and they provide a lot of entertainment for not a lot of money!
While walking through Walgreens a few months ago, he spotted a Pocket Racer and really wanted it.
He is getting a few Monster Jam Trucks  that I've picked up at TJ Max.
I hope that this list will help you if you have an almost five year old boy on your list!

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