Thursday, November 9, 2017

Christmas Wishlist {Peyton}

This is Peyton's first Christmas and I'm so excited for it! There are so many options for one year olds but since we also have Colson to buy for it is easy to not go overboard. This is a long list but I assure you, he won't be receiving it all. Also, there are a few girl options because we also have Hallie to buy for and they are the same age!
Little people are my favorite toys for this age. They can be an investment but Colson played with his Little people for several years, so it is worth the money. They have so many options so I just picked a couple of my favorites.
This is one of my favorite sets. It is a large barn that has several pieces that can be added on later, such as a tractor. This will really encourage imaginary play and we don't have to worry about tiny pieces making into the mouth!
I came across this at Target and thought of Hallie. It introduces letters, colors, counting, music, and encourages babies to move! I've been know to throw dance parties in my kitchen from time to time to anything that encourages dancing is a plus!
I've heard great things about Scout since Colson was little but we've never owned one. This also introduces letters, numbers, and social skills.
So many of these toys help with motor skills, introducing shapes and colors, numbers, and this will keep Peyton on the move!
I love this brand of toys. I wish I would have kept all of Colson's toys from B. but we only have a couple. I love that these are gender neutral and you can never go wrong with blocks.
These are perfect to go along with the Barn. You can never have enough animals on a farm, right?! These are the perfect size to put in the stocking!
I love the idea of having something to build on. We had so many Mega Bloks for Colson and they got used a lot. It is a great for boys and they have some for girls also.
For the little lady on your list. This is a great alternative to the traditional doll house. It's the same concept but it you don't have to worry about anything going in their mouths.
This might be my favorite Little People set! We all love construction equipment in our family and Peyton loves watching his Dad and Papa Kim. This is perfect for our little guy.
10 // CAT Quad
Although we aren't ready for this just yet, it won't be long. Colson has a big 4-wheeler that gets Peyton excited every time he watches his brother ride it. When I came across this, I knew it had to be on the list!
11 // Zany Zoo
This offers a lot of entertainment. Each side has a different activities. This could easily be moved from room to room which is important because so many toys have a lot of pieces which isn't helpful when I need to grab a toy to bring into the bathroom while I'm getting ready in the morning, or in the kitchen while I cook dinner. I love this brand, and love all the options this one toy offers.
Obviously we need some Mega Bloks to go with the table! These are an inexpensive toy that kids love! They also have girl colors if you have any girls on your list.
A few things that might make it into Peyton's stocking are these fun balls that all have different textures and these blocks. Colson had both of these at Peyton's age and loved them!
There are a lot more toys on Peyton's wish list, but both of the boys will receive some books and probably a new set of pajamas because I love buying pajamas!
Happy shopping!

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