Wednesday, November 1, 2017


So far, this Halloween has been my favorite! Colson was really into it this year and I loved their costumes. Peyton was just along for the ride and did a great job!
Before sharing our pictures from last night...these are some from past Halloweens!
Tuesday morning, Colson had a party at school. Dad (Travis) built this awesome game and I loved when my cowboy came to play! I was helping with the party so this is the only picture I snapped but it was so fun for the kids!

Before officially trick-or-treating, Peyton and I made a couple of stops including Dad's work!

We came home and ate pumpkin pizza with Nana and Papa before heading off for the night!

Woody and Buzz!

I was never a fan of Halloween until I had kids and now I love it!!!

Our first stop was Grandma Kay's!

I was so proud of Colson, he went up to each door without being too scared. There were several that had scary decorations out and he wasn't too bothered by them.

Our last stop of the night was Grandma Jo and Papa Kim's!
We ate warm potato soup, watched the World Series, and visited.

And Peyton got to try his first "Famous Grandma Jo's cookies!!!" They are one of my favorite parts about holidays. I love her cookies and so does everyone else. Peyton couldn't eat it fast enough.

We were all very tired by the time we made it home but the boys had a good time and got way too much candy.
It was a great Halloween and now I'm ready to put up our Christmas tree. Travis said no way, so I'll keep up the fall d├ęcor until after Thanksgiving but I'm listening to Christmas music on Pandora!
I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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