Thursday, November 2, 2017

Life Lately

I've been mia on here lately. I took a blogging break and it was nice but I do miss blogging. Here are some pictures of our life lately. Grab a cup of coffee, there are a lot of pictures!
Peyton loves food. He will pretty much eat anything we are eating. This was a pb&j.

Blue finally died. Colson gave him a lot of food to try and bring him back but after we said goodbye, he was fine. Now he keeps asking for another pet. I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.
I tried for a dog, but Travis was quick to shoot that down. I like being a pet free house!

We've been snuggling A LOT!!! I'm not complaining!
Colson loves snuggling his brother.

We had family pictures at 8:30 in the morning, in 28 degrees, with a sick kid...

Trying to keep warm!
I do think they turned out pretty good considering...Colson doesn't feel good and you can tell but the pictures themselves are beautiful.

Peyton has been waking up a lot so we snuggle a couple times a night...

Therefor, I've been drinking a lot of coffee!

The boys and I visited our favorite Pumpkin Patch in Kovick Kountry Farm!


Tried coming home with a kitty but he'd already been claimed and Dad wouldn't have been happy!

Love these two so much!
We've been building all the things!

And eating cupcakes!

Colson started basketball!

And we cheered him on!

Colson went to a costume bowling birthday party!

It's so fun to watch new friendships bloom.

Dad and Colson carved pumpkins!

Colson was so happy with the final products!
And there has been a lot of work taking place in the yard.
I can't believe we are already into November! I'm excited for the last two months of the year.
Happy Thursday everyone!

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