Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Weekend Recap - Labor Day Edition

Friday morning started off with me taking both boys to get my oil changed. We'd only been there about five minutes when my coffee got spilt all over the lobby and I realized that all forms of entertainment wouldn't work because there was no internet. We survived!

Next up was the doctor. Peyton had to get four shots. He was so happy until we got home!

This boy doesn't snuggle. However, he was snuggled in all evening. I loved it but I felt bad for him.

On Saturday morning the four of us got up bright and early and headed to the balloon festival.

The boys weren't overly excited about it.

But it was fun to watch...

And Travis was a great sport.

I love the random adventures that we go on.

And I really love this family of mine!!!

The park was full of balloon.

And it was a beautiful morning!

Colson has been asking me to put Blue in his room for awhile. I've been afraid since a four year old and a fish don't really go hand in hand. Over the weekend, after we cleaned his bowl, I let him but Blue on his bathroom counter. My fear is that Blue will get smashed by a toy or overdose on food.

Saturday night ended at the ballpark.

Travis took me on a date to a baseball game. We ate hotdogs, drank beer, and watched baseball.
It was a perfect Saturday night.

Sunday we went to a family bbq. It was fun to watch all the kids play!

Colson was exhausted. He asked me to snuggle him and moments later, he was snoring!

  Monday morning, I went and got a pedicure!

  And the rest of the day we napped and took care of a sick Colson! Now I'm trying my best to get well. Being sick with kiddos is no fun!

Colson starts school this week so it's a big week in our house. I'm excited for this new season of life but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was nervous. I'm praying that Colson will have confidence in school and in making new friends. I pray that he will feel comfort in a new environment.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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