Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What's Up Wednesday {08/30/17}

It's What's Up Wednesday!
I'm linking up with Shay today to answer some fun questions about our month!
They have postponed their link up until next week. I wanted to go ahead and share!

1: What we're eating this week:
Travis's favorite meal is goulash that his mom makes. I made it for dinner last night and we'll be eating it the rest of the week. It makes so much! But it is so good!
2: What I'm reminiscing about:
Fall!!! It's coming. I was told I have to wait until after Labor Day to decorate for fall so I've marked my calendar. I've compiled a list of fun things to do this fall. I'm ready!!
3. What I'm loving:
So, I mentioned that I've worn the same makeup and had the same routine for as long as I've worn makeup. However, I had my makeup done for a wedding that I was in and she used a beauty blender to apply my foundation. I loved it. Then...I went to Ulta to get some new foundation and the girl helping me suggested this...
I bought both and I love them!
4. What we've been up to:
Our little football player is so fun to watch! I'm impressed with how well the program is being ran. I can't imagine trying to teach eight, four year old little kids how to play!
5. What I'm dreading:
We only have a couple more months with these two! We love GG and Papa Les and I'm dreading when they take off to Arizona for winter. We are so blessed that we all get to make memories with them! I'm grateful that Colson is so close to them. He asks me all the time to go up to their mountain.
6. What I'm working on:
Back in school.....
I'm working on an observation class right now.
7. What I'm excited about:
The Webb's have some fun plans for this month! The weather will hopefully cool off and we can enjoy being outside more.
8. What I'm watching/ reading:

After all the's back. Travis and I have been watching it. It's such a weird season.
I think I might be getting over the Bachelor shows...
We've also become Colorado Rockies fans. We've been watching their games.
9. What I'm listening to:
One of my favorite bloggers, Andrea, posted an Instagram story with Jasmine Thompson playing. I've been listening to her ever since! I love the Jasmine Thompson Pandora station.
10. What I'm wearing:
We are wearing our Bronco gear! Our house is excited we get to watch them play again. One more reason to love fall! We're all sporting our Bronco shirts on game days!
11. What I'm doing this weekend:
Our family is planning on going to the Boise Balloon Festival!
We've never been but are really looking forward to it!
12. What I'm looking forward to next month:
I love September and I'm excited for several things. I'm excited for Colson to start school. I'm excited for football, fall decorations, pumpkin spice lattes, cooler weather, and I'm looking forward to another wedding that we'll be attending!
I hope my date to this wedding will dance with me! ;)
13. What else is new:
I think I've covered it all!
A new season!
Bonus question: What are your best back to school lunch ideas and/or trips:
We've never been back to school. I still won't be packing lunches for Colson this year. However, I love to have a big bowl of Andrea's pasta salad in my fridge. It makes it easy to grab a bowl and eat it over homework rather than run to the drive-thru!
Continuing to pray for Texas. My heart goes out to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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