Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Best Day Ever

Happy Tuesday! Today, I'm linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell link up! Today, is all about our best day ever!!!
As much as a fun adventure with my family sounds amazing. Or being on a trip sounds fantastic, I think the best day ever would go something more like this...
Sleeping in and coffee:

Well, for me. The best morning ever would require Travis to get up with the kiddos in the morning and let me sleep in. Only to wake up to Starbucks delivered! ;)
I'd love to head off to church together.
Mexican food:
After church we'd all head to a Mexican restaurant. I could eat Mexican food every. single. day! Of course the best day ever must include it!

Home for naps. Naps for everyone. All at the same time. Haha! I know I'm dreaming but this sounds great! It seems like my boys make an effort to not nap at the same time.

Since it's Sunday, we'd enjoy a Denver game together! I love watching football. Of course we'd have some game day snacks to enjoy during the game!
Take Out:
Mexican for lunch and Chinese for dinner! I'm really dreaming now because our favorite Chinese place isn't open on Sundays. But take out so that I didn't have to cook or clean up the kitchen would be ideal!
Baths and bedtime:
Travis and I would conquer this together with the boys. Baths, stories, and bed. Quickly and efficiently so that Travis and I could.......
enjoy the sunset on the back patio with possibly a glass of wine!
A simple day, spent with my family, doing simple things.
I love adventure but I love being at home with my family.
Now, I would like to add that the best day ever wouldn't include whining and complaining about food. It wouldn't include a four year old attitude, but a happy boy!
Andrea has some more fun linkups coming up!

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