Monday, August 28, 2017

Summer 2017 Recap!

This summer was fantastic. I can't believe it is over and I'm sending my first born off to preschool! What happened???  How did he get so big?
I'm sure that I'll be crying my eyes out next week and quickly realize I have three free mornings a week that will be relatively quiet. That doesn't sound too bad!
Okay, I'm these are in no particular order. I just picked my top 12 memories from this summer to share. Looking back through pictures it was so hard to pick just 12!
#1 Roaring Springs
Colson and I went with friends to Roaring Springs water park. He had the best time. We went again with Grandma Jo and Taylor.
#2 Anniversary trip to McCall
Travis and I celebrated two years of marriage with a trip to McCall. It was beautiful. The best part was being along together. No distractions.
#3 Cascade trips

We've made a few trips up to Cascade this summer. They are so rewarding. We've spent time with both of our families. We always have so much fun!!
#4 Solar Eclipse

I wasn't excited about this at all. I didn't think I would even watch it. We ended up having several people come up to our house because of our location. We ate pizza and hung out. It was so much fun and a really fun experience.
#5 Babby Farms

I loved taking Colson and watching him interact with all the animals. We will have to go back when it isn't so hot outside!
#6 Golfing
I look forward to Thursday nights so much in the summer. I love golfing and spending time with Travis!
#7 4th of July

We had the best fourth of July! The boys and I went to the parade in Boise with Nana. We enjoyed fireworks, baseball, and a barbeque with my family.
#8 Brown wedding

I loved being apart of Heidi's day! It was so great to watch her get married. She was the most beautiful bride and I was honored to be apart of her day.
#9 Cherry Festival
Colson loves the Cherry Festival! This year he got to ride twice and we went to the parade.
#10 Swimming lessons
Colson improved so much this year. He was so excited to start swimming lessons. I don't know what we are going to do without Georgia next year.
#11 Vacation Bible School

Colson attended VBS this year at our church and he had the best time.
#12 Family Bowling Night

Travis and I took the boys bowling and they loved it! Colson did great and it kept his attention for much longer than expected. This is something I see our family doing a lot more of!
As exciting as our summer was...I am looking forward to fall and the start of new traditions!
I'm looking forward to hearing all about school and new friendships.
Happy Monday, friends!

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