Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! We are ready for the weekend at our house!
Today, I'm linking up with some of my favorite bloggers to share my Friday favorites!
I don't know about anyone else but I'm more than ready to decorate for fall. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year and I love all the fall colors. I can't wait to decorate our new house this year.
Seeing this on Facebook was a FAVORITE!
I can relate. My kids have already been wearing their matching Halloween pajamas. We picked them up at Target. This will be the last year I can get away with matching because Colson is quickly outgrowing the toddler section. 5T are snug on him. And, it won't be cool to match his baby brother.
However, matching outfits, especially pajamas, is one of my FAVORITES!

On Sunday, the boys were so handsome. I wanted to get a picture but this was the best I got. Colson is always wanting to hold his brother! His sweetness towards Peyton is my FAVORITE thing. I love watching them interact.

Obviously, you've heard about the eclipse. We ended up having a house full to watch it. It was so much fun. I will say that it was so much better than I expected it to be. A FAVORITE day from this week was Monday when we all got to experience the totality of the eclipse together.

Even Peyton joined in on the fun!

It was truly amazing to watch God's masterpiece.

Although, all of the traffic is far from a FAVORITE. I was lucky enough to take a nap with the rest of my family after everyone left!

Colson's FAVORITE cart at the grocery store is the firetruck. This was the first time that both boys got to ride in it. Peyton loved it. So fun to watch these boys grow!

I don't hold Peyton very often but I was holding him as he took a nap the other day and I snapped a picture to see if he was asleep (any other mamas do that??? Use you camera to see if their eyes are still open?) and I couldn't stop laughing. What in the world was he dreaming about??? This picture might be my FAVORITE of the week!

Aunt Kristi loves Colson and the feeling is mutual. Colson's FAVORITE thing to do is to look at stuff on her computer or get treats from her drawer. The boys are so lucky to have her!

It's no secret the Webb boys love their snowmobiles. Grandma Jo found this shirt for Peyton and it's one of my FAVORITES! It will be awhile before he gets on a real snowmobile but this shirt was so fun!

Colson had his first flag football game on Wednesday and he did great! We are so proud of him. He had a very large cheering section. Our FAVORITE football player made us so proud!

I seriously fall more in love with this man every time I witness him interact with our kids. He is such a great dad and I loved watching him encourage and help Colson.

I can't wait to see how much he learns this season.

Look at Peyton looking at his Papa Kim!

On Thursday night I was cleaning up the kitchen while Travis and Colson were outside and I looked up to this............ I always find Peyton sitting with his hands behind his head. It cracks me up! It's his FAVORITE way to sit and I have no idea why!

We picked up another load from storage and this Dusty was apart of it. Colson is too big for it but we pushed Peyton around and he was loving it! Being outside is Peyton's FAVORITE so this just added to the excitement!

Scrolling through Facebook, I saw this. I couldn't help but laugh! I love having people over with kiddos so that the kids can play and we can enjoy some adult conversation and having it over a glass of wine makes it that much better!
So I posted in my Instagram stories that my package from Amazon was undeliverable because they couldn't find out house! Since we've moved I've had all of our packages sent to my parents, my in-laws, or Travis's work. Well....I've never been so excited to see Pablo! Pablo is the UPS driver and he honked his horn as he was coming down the lane!

That's a wrap on our Friday favorites! I hope you are already enjoying your weekend!

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