Monday, September 25, 2017

Weekend Highlights

This weekend was full!
We had a good weekend and we are heading into the week with a lot on our calendar. I'm praying for a good week and potentially a few extra hours tacked on our days so I can accomplish everything that I need to do!
Friday night, Colson and I snuggled in my bed and watched a movie. This boy didn't last long.
Saturday morning I got up really early to run with these girls.
We ran the 10k portion of Fit One. It was fun but so cold!!!

Then our family headed to Pojo's for Austin's birthday.
I can't believe the boys will be 5!!

The B I G kids had just as much fun.
We were joking that we would celebrate their birthdays here too!

The kids had the best time but they were tired....

Even this boy rode a horse! He loved all the lights and sounds.

After almost 6000 tickets.......

They collected their prizes!

Sunday we spent at home as a family.
I made homemade chicken noodle soup over mashed potatoes.
It's a fall favorite of mine!
We watched football and spent time as a family.

This boy asked me to snuggle him so he stayed up past bedtime for some mama snuggles.
Although our weekend was full, I loved spending so much time with my family and friends who might as well be family!

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