Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fall Bucket List

Because yesterday we woke up to cool weather and it seems like summer disappeared overnight.
I'm not complaining! I'm excited for fall weather and a calendar full of fall festivities.
1. S'mores outside on the patio // We managed to make s'mores once over the summer. With the cooler weather, I hope to make them a few times this fall.
2. Visit the pumpkin patch // There are two that I love going to. One is local and the other is a short drive away. Both are small and inexpensive. I wouldn't mind going once a week but if we can manage to visit each once, I'll be happy.

3. Pick the perfect pumpkin // This is an important step to...
4. carve the perfect pumpkin // Two years ago I spent hours carving a Denver Bronco pumpkin. Last year, Colson wanted a boring face and he thought it was the greatest pumpkin ever. For real?? This year, I'm going to guess we'll have another face sitting on our front patio. Sometimes four year olds are so easy to please and other times.......nothing makes them happy!
5. Enjoy as many of my favorite lattes before they are gone for the season // Last year I couldn't enjoy pumpkin lattes because I was pregnant and they made me sick. So this year....I plan on enjoying them every chance I get.
6. Oktoberfest // I've never been but it sounds like so much fun. Sounds like the perfect occasion for a double date.
7. Football // Fill my calendar up with football. Colson is almost done with his season. We are still watching Taylor, and the Denver Broncos have just started. We plan on going to a college game this year. Fall and football go hand in hand.
8. Homecoming festivities // Colson loves parades. I plan on taking him to the parade.
9. Harvest Festival // Our town has a harvest festival with live music and good food.
10. Trick or treat // I'm so excited about this year's costume! I ordered the boy's costumes last month and I can't wait until they can wear them! I plan on taking the boys to the trunk or treat at church this year. I always hear how much fun it is! And then of course we'll trick or treat on Halloween.
We have so much to do this season, but I'm looking forward to our full calendar!

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Adrienne Patenaude said...

Fall has become my favorite time of the year. Our bucket list looks a lot like yours.