Monday, September 18, 2017

Mama Confessions

I do not succeed in the cleaning department. I fail miserably.
I get call out every time I try to skip a page in at story time. #mamastired
I tell Colson that things are spicy even when they aren't so I don't have to share. Now he legitimately likes spicy things. #dangit I was eating a jalapeno bagel the other day and he stole half and ate the entire thing.
I'm horrible about remember to brush Colson's teeth. He will remind me after I've tucked him in and I'm walking out of his room.
I never wash my face before bed. It's a terrible habit. When I'm ready for bed, I'm ready for bed. No time for washing my face.
I drink coffee like it's water. All day. Everyday.
I hate baths. I don't ever plan on getting in our jetted tub.
If my kitchen is clean, I feel like the rest of the house can wait. It can't. I really should clean the entire house, not just one room.
Our dryer has a refresh cycle and I use it way too much. It steams the clothes and so they can come out wrinkle free after sitting in the dryer for way too long.
I used to iron my I just use the refresh cycle to get wrinkles out of everything.
Peyton was crying from his room and Colson was sitting at the counter eating a snack while I prepped dinner.
Colson: So are you not going to go and help Peyton. He's crying.
Me: Thanks Colson...
Me: Oh Shit!
Colson: Mom, I'm pretty sure Oh shit is a bad word.
I continually vow to watch my language.
While in the post office the other day with about 1/2 of the people in our town...
Colson: That sign says that we can't bring guns in here. It's a good thing I left mine at home.
Colson got a toy gun for his Halloween costume and I let him take it in the car with us. We were driving to a birthday party that was out of town so I rolled the windows down so he could shoot birds. A police car followed me all the way to the party. #oops The gun now stays at home. #wearentrednecks #ipromise
I don't keep things. I can easily get rid of something. Pictures on the other hand. I have a billion.
Colson's papers don't fall into this category. I have every. single. one. he's ever brought home.
Travis and I were pulling into the driveway at the same time. We both opened the garage doors at the same time and Colson says: Did Dad just open the garage for you?
Me: No.
Colson: That's too bad. I like when he does nice things for you.
Where does he get this stuff? At least his Dad is teaching him right.
Last week I meal planned and I cooked one meal.
Motherhood has completely changed me. My life is full of chaos and spilled milk. It is full of conversations that having me laughing every single day from the crazy things my 4 year old comes up with. It has changed the way I clean (or don't) and the amount of time spent on laundry.
Motherhood is sooooo good y'all!

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