Thursday, September 14, 2017

Peyton William // 8 Months

This has been a fun month but it's gone by so quickly! Peyton's personality is fun to watch develop.
What's New?
  • He's walking everywhere in his walker. He's already broke a few things and we've had to run to save him from pulling things on top of himself.
  • He is quickly learning what the word "no" means.
  • He has two teeth and he's working on two more.
  • He's talking a lot! He has a lot to say, especially when big brother isn't around doing all the talking for him.
  • He's a chunkster. He has so many rolls and I'll give him whatever food he wants, just to keep them around.
  • He loves his big brother. Peyton loves to be close to Colson and wants whatever Colson has. (let the fighting begin)
  • He loves baths. He enjoys splashing water...and laying in the tub.
  • He is doing a great job with self play. He needs someone in eye view, but can sit alone and play.
  • He's wearing size 3 diapers and size 12 month clothes.

I pretty much give him whatever we are eating. If I make spaghetti, I'll just give him plain noodles. But, I'll let him try everything. He still eats his purees and has his bottles.
He loves his bottles.
We are all over the place with sleep. Most nights he will sleep until at least 4 am. and other nights he will sleep until almost 7. He goes down between 7:30 and 8 every night.
We put him down awake and he has no trouble going to sleep on his own.
He takes two good naps everyday and a few cat naps.
He sleeps great in the car, so occasionally he'll get a cat nap in.
This boy loves his blanket. There is no particular blanket, just a blanket.
His favorite "toy" is his Papa Kim's glasses. He knows that Papa Kim is a sucker and eventually will let him play with them. He's pretty good about leaving everyone else's alone after hearing no.
He walks everywhere in his walker and I'm going to have to "baby proof" because every time I look, he's into something!
He loves playing peek a boo.
He wants to be in the action. I love watching him around other kids because you can see his mind turning...he wants to run and play!

This little boy brings so much joy to our home! We are in love with him!

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