Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!!!
This week has wore me out. Starting pre-school has been an adjustment. Getting everyone ready for the day, breakfast, and out the door on time is a challenge. So far...we haven't been late!
We've had a good week, here are some of my favorites....
On Monday, I went and got a pedicure. I love getting pedicures and it was so relaxing!

On Monday, I took care of Colson who was sick and Tuesday, these two took care of me!
We spent most of the day in our pajamas and snuggling in my bed watching movies. They were great company. Being sick when you are a mom is no joke but it turned out that all the down time with my boys was a favorite part of my week!

This boy isn't a snuggler so these little feet were my favorite part of our nap!

Colson had pre-school open house on Tuesday night and he fell asleep on the couch before he had to leave. Poor kiddo! When this kid falls asleep on his own, it's my favorite! He still needs to nap but puts up a fight!

Since I was sick, Travis took him and he sent me some pictures of his new school! This one was a clear favorite!

Peyton is eating some table food and I gave him a pancake on Wednesday. He loved it! I'd say so far, pancakes are his favorite!

Making it through the first week of pre-school with no tears, EVEN FROM ME, and hearing about all the fun he had is the highlight of my week!

I told myself that if I didn't cry when I dropped Colson off the first day of school, I'd get a pumpkin spice latte. A little incentive to hold back the tears! I'm so glad these are back. I don't like them when I'm pregnant so last year I wasn't able to enjoy them as much!
That wraps up my Friday Favorites!
There are so many devastating events happening in the United States right now. I'm praying for those that affected by the hurricane, those in the path of the next hurricane, and everyone affected by the fires.
Have a great weekend!


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