Monday, September 11, 2017

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday, friends!
This weekend was a quiet one, and it was so nice!
Friday morning started off with Travis and I going to the high school to judge senior projects. We had a lot of fun. However, I'm glad high school was a long time ago!

Home to my boys and we were all representing the Huskies!

Since we didn't have any plans, Colson stayed up late watching a movie. But, he didn't last long!

Saturday morning, Travis went golfing and the boys and I watched a movie while snuggling in my bed....

After giving Peyton a pancake the other day and realizing how much he loved them...I'm more motivated to make them. So I made the boys and I pancakes.

I know that I'm late to the Nutella train...but it's so good!

We had such a slow morning........
Colson loves to snuggle and watch movies while I rub his back, so that's just what we did!

I gave Peyton a Thin Mint and he loved it.
It fell on the ground and he had a fit!
Just incase you were all wondering where his rolls come from....he loves food!

Colson was so excited to go to work with Dad, he wouldn't come inside. He waited outside for about 30 minutes in the 100 degree weather!

Off they go to deliver some fuel!

We all went to a bbq on Saturday night and the only picture I took was of my outfit before heading out the door. It was such a fun time! The kids played and ran and bounced in the bounce house. We saw friends we haven't seen in awhile. It was nice.

Sunday morning I drank coffee out of my favorite fall mug while....

meal planning for the week!
If you don't already have these need them!
I love using my slow cooker in the fall and winter months. The Simmers cookbook is great!
The rest of our Sunday included a lot of football, naps for all the boys, and homework for me.
Just the kind of weekend we all needed!

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