Thursday, June 8, 2017

Life Lately

Looking back at the last three days, we've been busier than I thought.
Monday I went to Costco with both boys. #crazy
The lady checking us out told me to never come on Mondays, they are always really busy!
They were both so great! Colson gives me anxiety because he hates to ride in the cart but he was awesome! It made shopping a lot easier!
We got home and Colson had the best time with all of the boxes!

Life is never going to be dull with boys.
Post nap snuggles!
We were still playing with boxes the next day.
Train rides all morning!
Colson only wants pb and honey sandwiches so I changed things up and he thought it was the coolest lunch ever!

My growing baby....

And then this happened....sitting up! Not for very long, but he's getting stronger!

Wednesday, while waiting for our lunch dates, we took silly pictures!

Last night, the boys and I went with my mom to 1st Wednesday. We had the best time.
Colson loves his Nana!
And ice cream!

Love being a boy mama!!

Well, that's what we've been up to lately!
Happy Friday eve!

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