Monday, June 12, 2017

Peyton William // 5 Months

I have no idea how 5 months have already gone by since Peyton arrived.
I wish I could just bottle all of this time up.
Peyton at FIVE months.
  • His paci. He loves to take it out of his mouth and try and get it back in. Travis and I thought he was going to suck on his thumb but now I'm certain, he is a paci boy!
  • His brother. He loves when Colson is around. Colson is constantly in his face, pilling toys on top of him, talking to him, basically just won't leave him alone. Peyton loves it!
  • His swing. He will still nap in it and lately he's slept in a few nights. He has a stuffy nose and the incline on the swing seems to help.
  • Eating! This boy likes to be full. When he is hungry everyone knows it!
  • Baths. Water still makes him extremely happy. If he is upset or too tired, I will stick him in the bath to calm him down. He loves to be in the water!
  • Mirrors. He loves checking himself out in the mirror.
  • Being outside. He would prefer to be outside! I'm thankful for nicer weather so we can be out more. He's really enjoyed going to the playground also.

  • Being alone. This boy doesn't like it when he isn't in eye contact with someone.
  • Sleep. Seriously, he can fight off a nap just like his brother.
We made the switch to formula. I hated giving up nursing but he is so much happier on formula. He will go 3-4 hours between feedings and longer at night. He eats 6-8 ounces, typically.
He loves the exersaucer. The lights and sounds really gets him excited. We put him in a walker this past weekend and he loved it. He traveled up and down the hallway. He enjoys "standing up" with assistance or in his exersaucer/ walker. Everything goes straight into his mouth. All of his toys, finger, blanket...everything! He is sitting up great in the Bumbo seat. He's reaching out and grabbing onto things. He loves his soft blocks.

He's rolling from tummy to back but can't quiet get from back to tummy. He gets stuck on the side.
He is scooting around on his back. He is getting really good at this!
I will do anything to get him to giggle. Baby giggles are the best.
For the most part he is in his own room. Most nights I will put him down around 8 and he'll sleep to between 4 and 6. Lately he has been stuffed up and so sleeping in the swing, with the incline, has helped. He will take two good naps during the day when we are home or he cat naps great when we are out and about. We know when he is out for good because his hands go up over his head.

He is so aware of his environment and is starting to have such a personality. I love our conversations. He is full of things to say. He gets excited when people will listen to him. He loves to snuggle in the chair with his Dad. I beginning to think it's his favorite place to take a nap. He had his first sleepover last weekend at his Grandma Jo and Papa Kim's. He did great!


We love him so much. He is the perfect piece to our puzzle!

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