Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spring Pictures

I shared a few of our family pictures on Facebook and Instagram but I wanted to share all of our pictures here on the blog. After having Peyton, Travis suggested having our family pictures taken. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I had them scheduled within ten minutes of him making that suggestion. The man doesn't like getting pictures taken, so I acted fast before he could change his mind! When I was trying to pick out our outfits, we only had one That was the only color that we all had! I think they turned out great!
Taking pictures with kids can be such a challenge. Colson is so in love with his brother that he gives him so much attention. We had a hard time getting Colson to look at the camera instead of Peyton so Ashley just went with it. I'm so glad because I love this picture!

I love being their Mama. Even on the hard days, I thank God for these two!


This picture brings up so many emotions. I can't thank God enough for this man. He's an incredible father and husband. We are truly blessed.

Colson would not look at the camera and smile. Travis told him that we would show Jessie, his "crush" all of his pictures if he smiled for the camera and look at how cute this picture turned out!

Kids grow and change way too fast. I'm so thankful we have family pictures with them!

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