Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Life Lately

Hey there Wednesday!
We are finally enjoying the warmer temperatures! I'm really trying to enjoy the weather before it gets into the 100's.
Here's a little look at life lately...
Travis finished up bowling so we were able to golf last Thursday!

Our golf partners were pretty fun too!

My little helper. No matter what I'm doing, he's not far away.

We celebrated the bride to be...Heidi!

Colson and I enjoyed coffee from our favorite coffee shop, Black Rock Coffee!

Travis and I went to the Rotary Youth Auction and bought Colson a new bike. He's been riding it every chance he gets! He loves it!
I've been taking Peyton to the chiropractor and he loves it!

The boys have been napping so good lately!

I love tummy time with this cutie!

Wine....because we took family pictures!

I've been getting up early! Peyton has been sleeping a little better and so the mornings that I get up, I have such a great day and feel like I accomplish so much!

Waiting for our lunch dates.....
And sending "creepy" pictures to Dad!

Papa put up a basketball hoop for Colson and he loves it!

My weights....

I can't wait to share our family pictures with you all...tomorrow!
Well, that's life lately. We are pretty boring but I wouldn't have it any other way. Next month I start back to school. So, I'm trying to enjoy as much time with my boys as I can before my mind is consumed with school! I'm so thankful we can spend some time outside with this nice weather!


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