Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Recap

Hello Monday! This weekend was so busy for us.
Our Friday started early. Travis had to go into work before six and Peyton woke up around five. I had a lot to do so the early start was nice.

The boys snuggled in our bed until a reasonable hour.

I spent all of Friday prepping for Heidi's bridal shower on Saturday. I washed and cut so many berries.
Peyton and I went to her dress fitting.
Peyton clearly had a good time!

Friday night we set up for the shower.

It was a late night.

But everything turned out beautiful.

And made Saturday morning so much easier!

Heidi with her bridesmaids!

The future Mrs! So excited for her and Riley!

Saturday night Travis and I went to the Rotary Youth Auction. I didn't take a single picture. The boys stayed with Grandma Jo and they were so tired when we picked them up!

Sunday we went to church and then went to our favorite coffee shop! Black Rock Coffee is our favorite and I wish so badly that we had one in Emmett!

Then we went and got Colson a haircut. He's been telling me that he needs one. I asked him if I could just cut it but he told me, "No, because you are a bad hair cutter..." Thanks buddy!

Next up, Fred Meyer! We stood here for about 15 minutes while he looks through all the cars...

Having two kids in the cart helps me not buy too much!

Grocery shopping is such hard work!

I really wish I could have joined them!

Peyton has been snuggling up into my neck and I love it! He also was extremely fussy yesterday so I didn't get much done but I know I'm going to miss these days really soon.

Dad bought Colson a new bike at the youth auction and he couldn't wait to ride it!
This week is back to normal. I'm hoping to cross off the majority of my to-do list!
Hope everyone has a great week!

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stevenjared0853 said...

Oh my goodness! That shower setup is just mind blowing. Loved that flower backdrop a lot. At the local garden Venues in NYC I would be hosting bridal shower for my cousin and would love to steal this backdrop idea. It is easy but very influential.