Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday: Travels

It's Show & Tell Tuesday and I'm late for the party!
Tuesday is almost over, we've been busy since we got up this morning!
Twice a month, Andrea hosts a link up where we show and tell something. Today's topic is travels. The best travel stories and the worst.
I can only think of one really bad "travel" experience. As kids, we loved to camp. It was not my mom's favorite way to spend her weekends but once in awhile we would go. I remember going camping with another family and we were having the best time. The weather was great. We fished, hiked, played in the lake, etc. Then, on the last night there was a terrible storm. The wind was crazy and we woke up to snow! I believe it was in August so we weren't prepared for snow!!! I've never seen a camp torn down so fast in my life. Once we were all up, camp was packed up and we were headed for home! Although, most of the trip was fun, the snow ruined it for us! I don't ever remember camping as a kid again!
Okay, now onto my favorite travels! Last year, Andrea did this link up and I shared this vacation!
This is my all time favorite vacation, mainly because we got married!
Hawaii in 2015.

Travis and I were in Hawaii for a week and it was the best time together. 

I think is will always be my favorite vacation!
In November we went to Denver to watch this guy play football...

We picked the worst game of the season....

But still had such a great time!

Now, I also have to include the trips to Arizona to visit my grandparents!
Both trips were taken in winter months so we really enjoyed the sunshine! And it's nice to see my grandparents and not have to go six months without seeing them!

I love traveling. I haven't traveled a lot, but I have a long list of places that I would love to visit!


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