Thursday, May 18, 2017

Life Lately

Happy Thursday!
We are so ready for the summer weather to stick around. This week it's been chilly and rainy. Both of my boys love to be outside, and this week we've stayed out of the rain!
At what age are sleeping pictures no longer cute?

Pictures from tummy time are also my favorite! Those eyes and cheeks!

Travis is building an outdoor kitchen and we took an afternoon to go and pick out some granite. I love all the time with him that I can get!

Last Saturday I took my mom for a pedicure for Mother's Day! Papa Les joined us and it was so much fun and relaxing!

And of course we stopped at my favorite coffee shop!

Papa Warren sure loves his great-grandkids!

Peyton is obsessed with his blankets and always pulls them over his face to sleep. I can swaddle him and he manages to get out of it!

GG and Peyton at my brother's bbq for Mother's Day.

I couldn't do my job as a mom without this man. I'm so grateful for his love and support. He lifts me up when I'm down and constantly reassures me that I'm doing it "right". He makes it possible for me to stay home with my babies, a job that I never knew I would love so much. I never want to take for granted the life that he provides for us!

We took GG to the zoo on Monday before we got all this rain.

Peyton's first time to the zoo and he didn't see a single animal!

He's trying to convince GG that he needs a fort like this on the Mountain!

I think feeding the animals is the best part of the zoo for him.

Bath time is always such a challenge. Trying to keep them calm and wind down for bed is such a task. Although it is the most challenge time in our evening, it's also my favorite.

Colson was watching his tablet and I needed to put Peyton down for a minute...

He looks way too big laying next to his brother on the floor!

While we were at the zoo Colson kept asking me a for a toy and I told him that if he really wanted a toy, he needed to count his money and buy it himself. So, he came home and talked Papa into helping him count his money. Now, he asks me everyday if he can go to the zoo and buy it!

I made homemade guacamole for the first time this week and it was so good! Next time I will leave the seeds in the jalapenos for some more spice!

I also made these tacos and they were so good! It was really easy and quick. Seriously, if you need a dinner idea, try it!

They hooked up the gas to our fire table this week and Travis and I took full advantage of it. It was pouring rain and the wind came up shortly after this but for the small amount of time that we were able to be out was so nice!

Meanwhile......Colson and all of his dinosaurs were finishing their naps on the couch!

This kid loves to snuggle. He asks me several times a day to snuggle him. I let him stay up late on Tuesday night and snuggle while we watched a movie. I have to be more intentional about one on one time with him.

Yesterday I tried the Walmart grocery pick up for the first time. I don't ever see myself going into the store again. It was so convenient and took no time at all. They did a horrible job bagging my groceries. There were several bags that only had one item each in them and my dawn dish soap was open so it leaked all over. But, other than was fabulous. I just wish Fred Meyer had the same thing going on...

This kid can find joy in just about anything. I really need to take a lesson from him!

Last night my kitchen was full. We did some preparations for a bridal shower on Saturday.

This morning Colson headed up to the mountain with GG and Papa Les for a couple days. He asks me for waffles every morning and I always tell him no because I hate making them. This morning I got up and made them for him because he was leaving!

Over-packed and ready to go! He was so excited!!!

Bye Mom!
Last fall when he went up he tried to convince me to stay for 15 days but this time it's only 4. Thank goodness! I can handle 4.

So it's just me and this guy for a few days!
Well, that's life lately!

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