Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Webb Summer of Fun {2017}

Happy Wednesday! Since the warm weather has decided to finally stick around, Colson and I made a list of fun things we want to do this summer!
I'm so excited for summer. Normally, I wouldn't say this. But for some reason, I'm excited this year.
So, here is our list!
1. Camp in the living room
2. Play in the sprinklers
3. Blow bubbles
4. Dance parties
5. Go to the lake with Taylor
6. Ride bikes
7. Go to the pool
8. Go to Grandma Jo's cabin
9. Go to GG and Papa Les's cabin
10. Visit the splash pad
11. Go fishing
12. Go golfing with Dad
13. Go to the park
14. Go to a parade
15. Go to the Cherry Festival with Austin
16. Go to Babby Farms
17. Make popsicles
18. Go get ice cream
19. Make s'mores
20. Sleepover with Austin
Now, I want to be clear about something; everything on this list, he wants to do with Austin!
Some of these things we have already accomplished but I know that we will go to the park and get ice cream a handful of times!
We are so ready for summer!

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