Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Life Lately

I've been absent lately. Due to the fact that our house IS FINISHED AND WE MOVED IN!!!
The past week has been crazy. It has been a week since we have been in our house. We are still not fully unpacked, but 90% of the way. We still don't have any landscaping...but our house is finished!
Last Monday I went and got my oil changed and started this book. I love Chip and Jo, and I love their story.
I also tried the pink drink from Starbucks. I still don't know what it is but I do know that it is delicious! So refreshing for an afternoon pick-me-up!

This cutie got a new toy and he really likes it but I can't stop staring at those thighs in this picture!

My two favorite boys sitting on the new couch just after it was delivered!
On Wednesday morning, I was ready to start unpacking!!!!

And then about an hour in....we had to take a break! We took a lot of breaks!

Our friends brought us by a pie and when I opened our fridge, I had to laugh. We didn't get food for three days. #oops But really, who wants to cook while they are moving anyways!

I decided it's now time to work on a schedule with this peanut. We had been awake since 3am. I love these cuddles and I know that in a very short time I won't get baby snuggles anymore but I also love my sleep. Whenever he nurses or lays like this I can't help but want to munch on those chubby hands!

Colson helped me give Peyton a bath in the sink. It was so much nicer than using the bathtub and I really loved the view!

I L O V E walking out into my garage and seeing all the empty boxes. I never really felt overwhelmed because I just did one room at a time. But, it is nice to see some accomplishment!

We went to a baby shower for my cousin this past weekend and Peyton got some Silvia time. Silvia lives in Germany part of the year so when she is home we really enjoy seeing her!

And I got a girl fix with my niece Hallie! I'm so glad our kids are so close. I can't wait to watch them grow up together. And, we can't forget about Colson, who will be bossing them around.

Those cheeks and the double chin. #icouldeathimup

I bathed both kids and put them to bed in their rooms earlier this week. Travis and I had some wine and husband/wife time. It was so nice. I love being a mom but I never want to neglect being a wife.

I was gifted some alone time to go grocery shopping on Sunday morning. It was the best grocery trip I've ever had. I could walk down every isle without someone asking me to buy something. I could fill up my entire cart without worrying a child is going to smash something. I could think. It was heavenly!

I posted this picture on Instagram this week and several people thought it was a pregnancy test. No more babies in our house!!! It was fresh chalk and my brand new chalkboard! I was so excited to write on it. I have been working on it over the last few days. I think, I'm finally done.

I can't get over how much this boy changes everyday. I love being able to stay home with him and soak it all in. Before long he will be 4 and we'll be enrolling him in preschool like his older brother...

Yesterday we had a bunch of errands around town and this boy was looking so cute to tag along!

Another car loaded with stuff to unpack...and a coffee!

Yesterday afternoon the weather was so nice. Peyton and I sat on the front step while Colson rode his scooter. We cheered for him and Peyton loved being outside. I'm so grateful we have a place where the boys can play outside. Especially once we have grass!

Colson was showing us all kinds of tricks and racing! He had zero time to stop for a picture so this was the best I could get!

We also broke in our new kitchen with our favorite chocolate chip cookies! Although I don't like how fast Colson is growing up, I really enjoy making memories like this together! Such a good helper!

Well, that's a little life lately. We are happy to be in our home but miss Grandma Jo and Papa Kim. I'm thankful that most of our boxes are unpacked. And I can't wait to make some good memories in this home of ours!

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