Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekend Highlights

This weekend was so fun! We were busy but had so much fun as a family.
Little stinker...he was soooo hungry that he couldn't wait to eat!

I'm so proud of how patient he is. Having a little brother that nurses every two hours can be frustrating when you are four, but he is great!

He begged me to cut out his valentines....So I let him and he did a great job!

A baby in baby jeans is one of my favorite things! Ready for a day of shopping with mom!

Such a trooper. We love the Solly Wrap! 

Saturday night, Peyton and I went to dinner with Kacie. This is my longest friendship and one that I treasure so much!

Trying to pass time in the parking lot!

The boys were so excited to see the dinosaur!

So many fun dinosaur facts!

Our first outing as a family of four and we survived! :)

Although everything was still pretty advanced for him, I loved watching him explore. 

Neither one of them liked the slim.

I ended my Sunday evening with a coffee!

And started today off with snuggles from these two in bed!
Also, my niece joined the world last night! I'm so excited to meet her. We are waiting until they make him home so they can rest. But, she is beautiful! Congratulations to my brother and Emily!
Hope you all had a great weekend! Here's hoping spring weather sticks around and we have an amazing week!

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