Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life Lately.

Well, here's a little look into our life lately. It looks a lot like last week, since having a newborn and crazy winter weather makes it hard to get out and do much!
I didn't tell him, but his big brother is much better at helping with the laundry! He didn't mind sleeping in the laundry basket while I switched over the laundry.

When Papa comes to visit, he brings treats for Colson! On most days, Colson would rather have cereal than go get a donut. :( On this day, he ate TWO donuts! I know, not healthy but sometimes it's okay to let your four year old eat what he wants and feel spoiled!

Doing homework with a newborn is harder than I expected. This little peanut loves to be held so this is how I do homework most days. Yesterday I really worked with him to establish a better schedule and sooth himself to sleep a little bit. Prayers that it goes smoothly and we all get some more rest around here....we need it!
Friday night was guy's night at Monster Jam! Colson told me that moms weren't allowed.

And while they were at Monster Jam, this boy hung out with his Mama! I didn't mind at all.

The rest of the weekend we spent most of it in our jammies. Travis gifted me sleep. He let me sleep in Saturday and I took a long nap on Sunday! It was much needed!

Sunday, before the Super Bowl, we went on a drive and saw deer and elk. It's crazy how close they are to houses. This winter was a rough one on all the wild life. But it was fun to see them all.

This cutie survived another doctor's appointment. Just a checkup. His next appointment will be full of! But, he's growing like a weed. Too fast for his Mama's liking.

Papa Warren came up and snuggled Peyton this week. I'm not sure which one enjoyed it more.

Okay, so Colson is four and very independent. He loves doing things on his own and helping me doing everything. He was so proud that he was strong enough to open his dresser drawers so I've been letting him pick out his clothes, get them himself, and dress himself. He loves it and it really tests my patience but I know it's helping him learn and grow.
When I pray and ask God to help me have patience with my kids, He gives me opportunities to practice patience....
But, I love that He truly helps me have more patience with my kids and I'm thankful for grace from both God and Colson when I don't show patience. 

I was worried that when Peyton came home Colson would really act out and hate having a little brother. But, the opposite has happened. He loves helping out. He loves giving him hugs and kisses. He gets down on the floor during tummy time and talks to him. I love watching the interaction. Now, I'm not saying it wasn't an adjustment and we don't have moments, but I'm so proud of Colson and his adjustment!

Love these three!!!

A perfect start to my Monday. Jesus, coffee, and a sleeping baby on my bed!

Two little monkey butts...4 years apart!
When I saw this picture of Colson pop up on Timehop, I knew his little brother needed a monkey butt for the day!

Good morning, mom! Are you really going to make me stay awake???
Yesterday, I really tried to keep him awake more during the day and he wasn't super happy about it.
Yesterday afternoon I went and got my nails done Peyton's naps. He did great, but it was a gamble if he was going to stay asleep or not! And it felt so nice to get my nails done!

Last night Travis told Colson we could go to Roe Ann's for a treat after dinner and then it ended up being Colson and I who snuck away and got ice cream. Of course we brought home some for Dad but I really loved the time with just Colson. It hasn't happened since Peyton was born. And we used to be alone all the time. So, he talked my ear off and I loved every second of it!
Well, that's what been happening lately. Our house is making great progress and the weather is warming up. So much to be thankful for!!!


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