Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Naming Peyton & Newborn Pictures

So, as many of you know, Travis loves Peyton Manning. It's not a secret. I sometimes joke with him that Peyton was his first love, and I come in second. All in good fun.
So, when we found out that we were pregnant, in a light a joking manner he suggested that we  name the baby Peyton. Not even knowing if we were having a boy or girl.
I said sure without any thought. I like it.
We then talked about middle names.
Jo would be for a girl. Peyton Jo, after Travis's mom. I loved it, Peyton Jo.
William would be for a boy. Travis's middle name is William. Peyton William.
I love the idea of naming children after someone in the family. Colson Daniel is named after my brother, Daniel. And now, Peyton shares a name with his Daddy.
It felt right. We had names picked out really early in the pregnancy. I don't exactly remember when but well beyond 20 weeks when we found out the gender. Since we were using the same name for either gender we always said Baby Peyton.
I loved being able to say Peyton when talking about the baby rather than just baby.
Peyton William Webb fits into our family perfectly.
At one week old Peyton had his newborn pictures taken by A. Walton Photography. She did an excellent job and I'm so excited to share them with you.


We are so in love!

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