Friday, February 3, 2017

5 on Friday

one. sweets.
Can someone please tell me why this craving never went away after having Peyton??? While I was pregnant I wanted sweets ALL. THE. TIME. I thought for sure it would go away after Peyton was born. However, I crave chocolate, cookies, cake, ice cream, milkshakes, etc. I made chocolate chip cookies and couldn't stay out of the cookie jar. One day after picking Colson he asked for an ice cream cone. Normally, I would have told him no because it was too close to dinner but instead, we went and got ice cream because I wanted some just as bad! What the heck!? I can't stay away...
two. mornings.
I love how mornings are looking lately. Sleeping baby in my bed while reading my bible.
Life is so good. I have zero questions that Peyton is a blessing from God. I prayed every single day that God would change my heart and I'd no longer want another baby or he would bless us with a baby. And here is Peyton. Now I thank God every single day for Colson and Peyton.
three. close to my heart.
After I had Colson, I bought a necklace with a C. I wore it everyday and loved it. I thought I wanted to just add a P after we decided on Peyton's name but after browsing Pinterest, I found a bar necklace that I could put their entire names on. I loved some of these that I had seen in the past but $100-$200 was not in my budget for a necklace. This shop on Etsy had just what I was looking for! Now, I have both boy's names that I get to wear everyday!
four. real clothes.
I got my wardrobe back! Well...almost...I'm nursing so not completely. But for the most part, I can wear anything hanging in my closet. I almost struggle getting dressed because I'm not used to having so many options. Real jeans, you know, with zippers and buttons! Not having to triple check that the shirt I put on covers my belly!! Now, once we get moved into our new house I'm really going to have trouble. Unpacking my clothes from storage is one thing I'm most excited about!
five. family business.
Travis had a sweatshirt made for Colson last year that matched the ones he wears to work. Colson loves it. Fast forward to when we found out we were going to have another boy...Travis had this onesie made!
Proud Dad??? You could say so...
Peyton wore it to lunch on Wednesday so he could match his Dad!
I've said it a million times but I'll continue to say it, he's the best Dad to our boys!
Happy Friday Friends!

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