Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday - Kids Parties

It's Show and Tell Tuesday and today we're sharing our favorite kids parties. I love throwing Colson birthday parties. I'm looking forward to the birthday parties in our future. I would guess that I'll have a separate party for the boys this year since it's Peyton's first birthday but then I see a lot of combined parties in our future. We'll see, only time will tell! I also realized after writing this post that I've managed to throw parties every other year. Hopefully I get better about that!
For Colson's first birthday party, I just kept the colors I used for his baby shower and to decorate his nursery. I used all the same decorations and it was easy!
Can I please go back in time and kiss those one year old cheeks???

Bright colors, and lots of cake!

He loved his cake! It didn't take him long to make a giant mess!

 I loved this party. It was simple but with lots of our family and friends!
And one giant cake mess to clean up....
Now, for his third birthday party, he requested a bowling party. I had other ideas but he begged and I obliged. I'm so glad I did too. He had the best time with his friends.

I ordered a cake and then made cupcakes. I thought it would be easier to eat cupcakes since we were at the bowling alley.

I made cookies for everyone to take home! My mother-in-law has the best sugar cookie recipe so we didn't have any left over. I think I'll make them for every birthday in the future!

Close-up of the cake. They matched his invitations perfectly!

The details...

The setup.
Bowling and then celebrating every single time the ball made it to the end.
I loved watching him bowl with his friends.

On his actually birthday, I made an apply pie!


My two favorite parties so far, with so many more to come!
I love celebrating the boys and making them feel special on their birthdays!


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