Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

This week was short but felt so long. I don't know what it is about a short week, but I don't love it!
I'm sharing some Friday favorites today and linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci.
 I've pinned a million baby pins. Most of the time I do my pinning in the middle of the night while trying to stay awake. I'm terrified to fall asleep while nursing. So, since I have pinned so many, I'm never going to have time to read everything I've pinned. And, during the middle of the night, I'm too tired to actually read what I've pinned! So this was my FAVORITE as soon as I saw it.

Lately, Colson and I have been listening to the Madagascar station on Pandora while driving and this song came on. It brings back memories from junior high. It was our basketball team's FAVORITE back in the day. Listening to it now, I have no idea why. {sorry to all of our parents that had to listen to this song over and over} Colson thought it was the funniest song ever!

This week I've made three new recipes that I found of Pinterest. This one was so yummy and easy. However, it wasn't Travis's FAVORITE so I don't know that we'll have it again but you should make it! You could even just serve it over noodles. I had an open face sub and it was delicious! The recipe was actually from Andrea. She has a lot of easy recipes on her blog!

This one is a Brookie! Travis told me it was his FAVORITE dessert that I've ever made. It was that good y'all. It was pretty simple but not as simple as I anticipated. Homemade brownie and worth it though. I'll share the recipe next week. It's defiantly on our FAVORITE list!

Yesterday I did all the laundry and this little guy hung out and watched. Folding laundry is one of my FAVORITE housework chores but I enjoy it even more when I have a cute little assistant, even if he doesn't help much!

Putting away all that laundry isn't my FAVORTIE part but those empty laundry baskets are! Heading into the weekend with the laundry complete!

This boy's snuggles are certainly my FAVORITE even if that means little sleep for Mama.

It's been so long since we've had donuts with Dad. Colson wanted to go to work with his Dad today so instead we took him some donutes. Donuts are his FAVORITE and so is his Daddy!

My list is short and sweet this week because Mama is tired.
Happy Friday!

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