Thursday, December 29, 2016

#joceveryday20016 {Weeks 50, 51, & 52}

Wow...another blog that I have to catch up on pictures! I know that anyone reading this isn't shocked!
Day 342: Colson can talk Papa into anything!

Day 343: Another snowy day!
Day 344: Perks of shopping with Mom!

Day 345: When you wake a sleeping kid for a picture with Santa, this is as good as it gets people!

Day 346: I love moments just like this. #twinklelights #snuggleswithcolson #movies #quietevenings
Day 347: Doctor appointments that I get to hear Peyton's heartbeat just never get old.

Day 348: Popcorn making day!
Day 349: My cute breakfast date!

Day 350: A really good afternoon.

Day 351: I've never been more grateful to be in bed after a long day of Christmas shopping!
Day 352: A lazy Sunday is just what we needed!

Day 353: A day full of adventures with my favorite 3 year old!

Day 354: He told me that he was the artist, not me. He's 100% correct.

Day 355: So thankful for my brother and his co-workers for helping me lift and strap down my new church pew!!!
Day 356: 35 Weeks
Day 357: wrapping Dad's Christmas present!

Day 358: Blessed with these two!

Day 359: Last Christmas I was praying for a miracle, that I would get pregnant and we could be parents to another child. This Christmas, we are about to meet that baby I prayed for every single day! We never managed to get a family picture but we sure enjoyed the weekend full of Christmas festivities with our families!
Day 360: No Mom's in the clubhouse!
Day 361: I hope he doesn't outgrow snuggles anytime soon!
Day 362: Two days in a row of snuggling this boy and that G I A N T belly!!!
Only three days left of 2016...What?!?!

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